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* denotes corresponding authors.
† denotes that authors contributed equally.
As of 05.02.2022
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[100] Jihoon Mok, HTS of Engineered Yeast  (in preparation)​

[99] Minusu Kwon, Wrinkle-photolithograph for Nanofluidics (in preparation)​

[98] Junho Kim, Kyounghoon Lee, Multi-physical Fields for Nanoparticle Separation (in preparation)​

​[97] Dongwoo Seo, Heterogeneous Nanopore Junction for Enhanced Power Generation (in preparation)

[96] Sungjoon Ji, Sangjin Seo, Pervaporation-assisted Cell Trapping and Culture (in preparation)​

[95] Sangin Seo, Sungjoon Ji, Pervaporation-assisted 3D Cell Manipulation (in preparation)​

[94] Sangjin Seo, Ion Rectification (in preparation)​

[93] Dongwoo Seo, Transport through Heterogeneous Nanopore Junction (in preparation)

[92] Jun Gyu Park, Nanowire for photodetector (in preparation)

[91] Ronghui Wu and Juyeol Bae, Microfluidic Fiber Fabrication (in preparation)

[90] Jun Gyu Park, Younghoon Jung, Nanopatterning using selective material patterning (in preparation)

[89] Sangjin Seo and Taesung Kim*, In-situ Gas Permeation-Driven Ionic Current Rectification of Heterogeneously Charged Nanopore Arrays, Small, 2024, (Accepted) PDF (IF=13.3)

[88] Kaliannan Thiyagarajan, Sungjoon Ji, Jiseok Han, Chaenyung Cha, Taesung Kim*, One-Step Photo-Patterning Process for Multi-Modal and Transformative Structural Coloration: Toward Anti-Counterfeiting Applications, Advanced Optics Materials, 2024, 12, 15, 2303052. PDF (IF=9.0)

[87] Juyeol Bae, Hwisu Jeon, Taesung Kim*, Full-Combinatorial Concentration Gradient Array with 3D Micro-/Nanofluidics for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing, Analytical Chemistry, 2024, 96,14, 5462-5470. PDF (IF=7.4, front cover)

2024 anal chem Bae cover image.jpg
< We developed a device with three-dimensional (3D) interconnection of micro/nanochannels capable of generating a complete combinatorial set of concentration gradients for two reagents. >


[86] Sangjin Seo and Taesung Kim, Gas Transport Mechanisms through Gas-Permeable Membranes in Microfluidics: A Perspective , Biomicrofluidics, 2023, 061301. PDF (IF=3.2)

[85] Juyeol Bae, Sangjin Seo, Ronghui Wu, Taesung Kim, Programmable and Pixelated Solute Concentration Fields Controlled by Three-dimensionally Networked Microfluidic Source/Sink Arrays, ACS Nano, 2023, 17, 20, 20273-20283. PDF (IF = 18.027)

[84] Kyunghun Lee, Rahul Mishra, Taesung Kim*, Review of Micro/Nanofluidic Particle Separation Mechanisms:Toward Combined Multiple Physical Fields for Nanoparticles, Sensor and Actuators: A. Physical, 2023, 114688. PDF (IF = 4.291)


[83] Juyeol Bae, Ronghui Wu, Taesung Kim*, Fabricating and Laminating Films with Through-Holes and Engraved/Protruding Structures for 3D Micro/Nanofluidic Platforms, Small Methods, 2023, 2300211. PDF (IF = 15.367)

< We developed the fabrication of interlayering films with both multi-layered micro-/nanostructures and through-holes using an injection molding approach and establishing strategic principles of film design. In addition, we demonstrated that this method shows remarkable potential to extend numerous existing 2D micro/nanofluidic platforms into a 3D framework, making our approach a valuable addition to the field. >

[82] Jun Gyu Park, Yeong Hoon Jeong, Sungjoon Ji, Juyeol Bae, Qitao Zhou, Taesung Kim*, Multi-modal Wrinkle Micro-Nanoarchitectonics by Patterned Surface Material Properties for Transformative Structural Coloration, Advanced Optical Materials, 2023, 2300279. PDF (IF = 10.050, front cover)

cover paper no.82.jpg
< We developed a thin tri-layer film that can generate various wrinkles on transparent and flexible films in the presence of external mechanical bending. This active modulation plays a critical role in determining the resulting structural color spectra. After the bending stress is released, the wrinkles disappear, and the film returns to its transparent state, demonstrating an ability to be used for anti-counterfeiting application. >

[81] Dongwoo Seo, Dongjun Kim, Sangjin Seo, Jungyul Park, Taesung Kim*, Analyses of Pore-Size-Dependent Ionic Transport in Nanopores in the Presence of Concentration and Temperature Gradients, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2023, 15, 1, 2409-2418. PDF (IF = 10.383)



[80] Youngchul ChaeJuyeol Bae, Kyoungyoung Lim, and TaesungKim*, Performance Characterization of Transparent and Conductive Grids One-Step-Printed on Curved Substrates Using Template-Guided Foaming, RSC Advances, 2022, 12, 43. PDF (IF = 4.036)

[79] Ronghui Wu, Sangjin Seo, Liyun Ma, Juyeol Bae, and Taesung Kim*, Full-Fiber Auxetic-Interlaced Yarn Sensor for Sign-Language Translation Glove Assisted by Artificial Neural Network, ​Nano-Micro Letters, 2022, 14, 139. PDF (IF = 16.419)

[78] RonghuiWuJuyeol BaeHwisu Jeon, and TaesungKim*, Spider-inspired regenerated silk fibroin fiber actuator via microfluidic spinning, Chemical Engineering J., 2022, 444, 15, 136556. PDF (IF = 13.07)


[77] Sangjin Seo, Juyeol Bae, Hwisu Jeon, Sungyoon Lee, Taesung Kim*, Pervaporation-Assisted In Situ Formation of Nanoporous Microchannels with Various Material and Structural Properties, Lab on a Chip, 2022, 22, 1474-1485. PDF (IF = 6.799, front cover)



[76] Jongwan Lee†, Kyunghun Lee†, Cong Wang†, Dogyeong Ha, Gun-Ho Kim, Jungyul Park*, Taesung Kim*, Combined Effects of Zeta Potential and Temperature of Nanopores on Diffusioosmotic Ion Transport, Anal. Chem., 2021, 93, 42, 14169-14177. PDF( IF = 6.785)


[75] Kyunghun Lee, Taesung Kim*, Numerical simulation of particle deposition patterns in evaporating droplets, J. Micromech. Microeng., 2021, 31, 105007. PDF (IF = 1.739)

[74] Qitao Zhou, Jing Pan, Shujun Deng, Fan Xia*, and Taesung Kim*, Triboelectric Nanogenerator-Based Sensor Systems for Chemical or Biological Detection, Advanced Materials, 2021, 33, 2008276. PDF (IF = 25.809)

< TENGs are discussed according to their different roles ranging from power supplies to self-powered active sensors. TENG-based sensor systems with new principles, structures, or applications are highlighted in each part. The discussion is from the perspective of classical analytical chemistry, based on elements such as target molecules and probes. Finally, some limitations and challenges are mentioned. >

[73] Juyeol Bae, Youngchul Chae, Jun Gyu Park, Ronghui Wu, Janghyun Ju, and Taesung Kim*, Direct single-step printing of conductive grids on curved surfaces using template-guided foaming, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021, 13, 16, 19168–19175. PDF (IF = 8.758, cover article)

< Our technique has the potential to extend the existing 2D micro/nanofluidic liquid-mediated patterning approach to three-dimensional (3D) control of liquid–air interfaces for low-cost all-liquid-processed functional 3D optoelectronics in the future. >

[72] Qitao Zhou†, Kyunghun Lee†, Shujun Deng†, Sangjin Seo, Fan Xia*, and Taesung Kim*, Portable Triboelectric Microfluidic System for Self-Powered Sensors towards in-situ Detection, Nano Energy, 2021, 85, 105980. PDF (IF = 16.602)

[71] Sangjin Seo†, Dogyeong Ha†, and Taesung Kim*, Evaporation-driven Transport-control of Small Molecules along Nanoslits, Nature Communications, 2021, 12, 1, 1-9. PDF (IF = 12.121, Editors' Highlights)

< Herein, we present the evaporation-driven transport-control of small molecules in gas-permeable and low-aspect ratio nanoslits, wherein both the diffusive and advective mass transports of solutes are affected by solvent evaporation through the nanoslit walls. The effect of the evaporation flux on the mass transport of small molecules in various nanoslit-integrated micro/nanofluidic devices is characterized, and dynamic transport along the nanoslit is investigated by conducting numerical simulations using the advection-diffusion equation. >

[70] Ronghui Wu, and Taesung Kim*, Review of Microfluidic Approaches for Fabricating Intelligent Fiber Devices: Importance of Shape Characteristics, Lab on a Chip, 2021, 21, 7, 1217-1240. PDF (IF = 6.774)

< The latest achievements in microfluidic approaches for fiber-device fabrication are reviewed considering the underlying preparation principles, shape characteristics, and functionalization of the fibers. Additionally, intelligent fiber devices prepared using fibers with shapes tailored using microfluidic approaches are discussed, including 1D sensors and actuators, luminous fibers, and devices for encoding, energy harvesting, water collection, and tissue engineering applications. Finally, recent progress, challenges, and future perspectives of the microfluidic approaches for fiber device fabrication are discussed. >


[69] Juyeol Bae, Janghyun Ju, Dahyun Kim, and Taesung Kim*, Double-Sided Microwells with a Stepped Through-Hole Membrane for High-Throughput Microbial Assays, Anal. Chem., 2020, 92, 14, 9501–9510. PDF (IF = 6.350)

[68] Kyunghun Lee†, Jongwan Lee†, Dogyeong Ha, Minseok Kim, and Taesung Kim*, Low-Electric-Potential-Assisted Diffusiophoresis for Continuous Separation of Nanoparticles on a Chip, Lab on a Chip, 2020, 20, 2735-2747. PDF (IF = 6.914)

[67] Qitao Zhou†, Jun Gyu Park† and Taesung Kim*, Heterogeneous Semiconductor Nanowire Array for Sensitive Broadband Photodetector by Crack Photolithography-based Micro-/Nanofluidic Platforms, RSC Advances, 2020, 10, 23712-23719. PDF (IF = 3.070).

[66] Qitao Zhou†, Jun Gyu Park†, Juyeol Bae, Dogyeong Ha, Jungyul Park, Kyungjun Song,* and Taesung Kim*, Multimodal and Covert–Overt Convertible Structural Coloration Transformed by Mechanical Stress, Advanced Materials, 2020, 32, 25, 2070192. PDF (IF = 25.809).


[65] Ji Won Lim, Kwang Soo Shin, Young Shin Ryu, YongjoJi Won Lim, Kwang Soo Shin, Young Shin Ryu, Yongjoo Lee, Sung Kuk Lee*, and Taesung Kim*, High-Throughput Screening of Acyl-CoA Thioesterase I Mutants Using a Fluid Array Platform, ACS Omega, 2019, 4, 26, 21848-21854. PDF (IF = 2.584)

[64] Dogyeong Ha, Sangjin Seo, Kyunghun Lee and Taesung Kim*, Dynamic Transport Control of Colloidal Particles by Repeatable Active Switching of Solute Gradients, ACS Nano, 2019, 13, 11, 12939-12948. PDF (IF = 13.903)

그림 5.png
<We developed a micro/nanofluidic diffusiophoresis platform (MNDP) by optimizing both cracking-assisted photolithography and modified-soft-lithography. It is possible to decouple the effect of EP and CP on the resulting DP of colloidal particles by generating stable and long-term concentration gradients in a transient or steady-state.We further demonstrated that the MNDP allows to actively switch the spatiotemporal concentration gradients, resulting in the separation and fractionation of nanoparticles.>
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[63] Won-Gyu Bae*, Hangil Ko, Jin-Young So, Hoon Yi, Chan-Ho Lee, Dong-Hun Lee, Yujin Ahn, Sang-Hyeon Lee, Kyunghun Lee, Joonha Jun, Hyoung-Ho Kim, Noo Li Jeon, Woonggyu Jung, Chang-Seon Song, Taesung Kim, Yeu-Chun Kim, and Hoon Eui Jeong*, Snake fang–inspired stamping patch for transdermal delivery of liquid formulations, Science Translational Medicine, 2019, 11 (503), eaaw: 3329. PDF (IF = 17.161)

[62] Juyeol Bae, Kyunghun Lee, Sangjin Seo, Jun Gyu Park, Qitao Zhou and Taesung Kim*, Controlled Open-cell Two-dimensional Liquid Foam Generation for Micro- and Nanoscale Patterning of Materials, Nature Communications, 2019, 10, Article No. 3209. PDF (IF = 11.878)

<we present a simple and versatile microfluidic approach for controlling two-dimensional liquid foam, designing not only evaporative microholes for directed drainage to generate desired film networks without topological changes for the first time, but also microposts to pin the generated films at set positions.>
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[61] Jongwan Lee, Jungyul Park, and Taesung Kim*, Dynamic Culture and Selective Extraction of Target Microbial Cells in Self-assembled Particle Membrane-integrated Microfluidic Bioreactor Array, Anal. Chem., 2019, 91 (9), 6162–6171. PDF (IF = 6.350).

We developed an SAPM-integrated microfluidic bioreactor array device capable of dynamically switching cell-culture conditions and repeatedly performing screening/extraction processes.

[60] Qitao Zhou, Kyunghun Lee, Kyeong Nam Kim, Jun Gyu Park, Jing Pan, Juyeol Bae, Jeong Min Baik⁎, Taesung Kim⁎, High Humidity- and Contamination-resistant Triboelectric Nanogenerator with Superhydrophobic Interface, Nano Energy, 2019, 57, pp. 903-910. PDF (IF = 12.343)

We demonstrated a novel 3D hierarchical patterned PDMS interlayer-integrated single-electrode TENG. The TENG had high flexibility and generated high electrical output upon excitation by tapping with a natural-rubber glove-covered hand. The TENG with a superhydrophobic interface could recover much faster than a TENG with a normal flat interface under the same wet conditions.

[59] Juyeol Bae, Jongwan Lee, Qitao Zhou, and Taesung Kim*, Micro-/Nanofluidics for Liquid-Mediated Patterning of Hybrid-Scale Material Structures, Advanced Materials, 2019, 31, 1804953. PDF (IF = 21.950, invited review)

Micro-/nanofluidic liquid-mediated patterning (MNLP) methods enable well-defined precise patterning/structuring of various liquid-mediated materials such as liquid samples containing target materials as solutes, suspensions, and many other building blocks at the micro-/nanoscale. Therefore, MNLP confers many additional advantages in cost, labor, resolution, and throughput to liquid-processed patterning/structuring based on bottom-up approaches.


[58] Jongwan Lee, Pil Woo Heo, and Taesung Kim*, Theoretical Model and Experimental Validation for Underwater Oxygen Extraction for Realizing Artificial Gills, Sensors & Actuators: A - Physical, 2018, 284, pp. 103-111. PDF (IF = 2.311)

< We propose a mathematical model of an artificial gill system describing the extraction and consumption of dissolved oxygen in water. The mathematical model provides engineering guides for an artificial gill system of which gas permeability, scaffold structure, and membrane morphology can be optimized to maximize oxygen extraction rates and carbon dioxide removal rates. We demonstrate a scaled-up artificial gill system for insects, making it possible for insects to breathe for 60 h in water.>
Highlighted by "Advanced In Engineering"

[57] Hyung-Kwan Chang, Gyu Tae Chang, Ashish K. Thokchom, Taesung Kim & Jungyul Park*, Ultra-fast responsive colloidal–polymer composite-based volatile organic compounds (VOC) sensor using nanoscale easy tear process, Scientific Reports, Volume 8, Article #: 5291(2018). PDF (IF = 4.259)

[56] Qitao Zhou, Jun Gyu Park, Riming Nie, Ashish Kumar Thokchom, Dogyeong Ha, Jing Pan, Sang Il Seok*, and Taesung Kim*, Nanochannel-Assisted Perovskite Nanowires: From Growth Mechanisms to Photodetector Applications, ACS Nano, 2018,12, 8, 8406–8414.  PDF (IF = 13.709)

<We not only developed a micro-/nanofluidic fabrication technique that enables precise control and in situ monitoring of the growth of perovskite nanowires but also demonstrated a high-sensitive MAPbI3-NW-based photodetector.>

[55] Qitao Zhou†, Jun Gyu Park†, Kyeong Nam Kim, Ashish Kumar Thokchom, Juyeol Bae, Jeong Min Baik* and Taesung Kim*,

Transparent-Flexible-Multimodal Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Mechanical Energy Harvesting and Self-powered Sensor Application, Nano Energy, 2018, 48, pp. 471-480. PDF (IF = 12.343)

Charge your smartphone while playing smartphone games

[54] Juyeol Bae, Ji-Won Lim, and Taesung Kim*, Reusable and storable whole-cell microbial biosensors with a microchemostat platform for in-situ on-demand heavy metal detection, Sensors and Actuators: B-Chemical, 2018, 264, pp. 372-381. PDF (IF = 5.401)

Microbial biosensors in combination with the microchemostat platform show remarkable potential for on-site, in situ, and on-demand heavy metal ions detection.


[53] Minseok Kim, Juyeol Bae, and Taesung Kim*, Long-term and Programmable Bacterial Subculture in Completely Automated Microchemostats, Anal. Chem., 2017, 8 (18), 9676–9684. PDF (IF = 6.320).

[52] Dong-Joo Kim, Dogyeong Ha, Qitao Zhou, Ashishi Kumar Thokchom, Jiwon Lim, Jongwan Lee, and Taesung Kim, Cracking-assisted Micro-/Nanofluidic Fabrication Platform for Silver Nanobelt Arrays and Nanosensors, Nanoscale, 2017, 9, pp. 9622-9630. PDF (IF = 7.367).

[51] Ashish Kumar Thokchom, Dong-Joo Kim, Dogyeong Ha, Qitao Zhou and Taesung Kim*, Characterizing Self-assembly and Deposition Mechanisms of Nanoparticles in Inkjet-printed Evaporating Droplets, Sensors and Actuators: B-Chemical, 2017, 252, pp. 1063-1070. PDF (IF = 5.401)

[50] Minseok Kim, Ji Won Lim, Sung Kuk Lee, and Taesung Kim*, Nanoscale Hydrodynamic Film for Diffusive Mass Transport Control in Compartmentalized Microfluidic Chambers, Anal. Chem., 2017, 89(19), 10286–10295. PDF (IF = 6.320, front cover)


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[49] Qitao Zhou, Guowen Meng*, Jing Liu, Zhulin Huang, Fangming Han, Chuhong Zhu, Dong-Joo Kim, Taesung Kim, Nianqiang Wu*, A Hierarchical Nanostructure-Based Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Sensor for Preconcentration and Detection of Antibiotic Pollutants, Advanced Materials Technologies, 2017, DOI: 10.1002/admt.201700028. PDF (IF = 5.969)

[48] Qitao Zhou, Ashish Kumar Thokchom, Dong-Joo Kim, Taesung Kim*, Inkjet-printed Ag Micro-/Nanostructure Clusters on Cu substrates for in-situ Pre-concentration and Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering, Sensors and Actuators: B-Chemical, 2017, 243, pp. 176–183. PDF (IF = 4.097)


[47] Dogyeong Ha†, Jisoo Hong†, Heungjoo Shin* and Taesung Kim*, Unconventional Micro-/Nanofabrication Technologies for Hybrid-scale Lab-on-a-Chip, Lab on a chip, 2016, 16, 4296-4312. PDF (IF = 6.115, invited critical review)


[46] Kyungjun Song*, Jedo Kim, Shin Hur, Jun-Hyuk Kwak, Seong-Hyun Lee, and Taesung Kim, Directional Reflective Surface Formed via Gradient-Impeding Acoustic Meta-surfaces, Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, Article number: 32300. PDF (IF = 5.228)

[45] Hyunmoon Nam†, Kyungjun Song†, Dogyeong Ha and Taesung Kim*, Mono-layered Photonic Crystal Patterning for Anti-counterfeit Applications of Structural Colors, Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, Article number: 30885. PDF (IF = 5.228)

[44] Ji Won Lim, Kwang Soo Shin, Jaemin Moon, Sung Kuk Lee* and Taesung Kim*, A Microfluidic Platform for High-Throughput Screening of Small Mutant Libraries, Anal. Chem., 2016, 88 (10), 5234–5242. PDF (IF = 5.636).

[43] Minseok Kim, Dong-Joo Kim, Dogyeong Ha, and Taesung Kim*, Cracking-assisted Fabrication of Nanoscale Patterns for Micro/Nanotechnological Applications, Nanoscale, 2016,8, 9461-9479. PDF (IF = 7.394, inside front cover)


[42] Jongwan Lee, Minseok Kim, Jungyul Park and Taesung Kim*, Self-assembled Particle Membranes for In situ Concentration and Chemostat-like Cultivation of Microorganisms on a Chip, Lab on a chip, 2016,16, pp. 1072-1080. PDF (IF = 6.115)

[41] Hyun Ju Kim†, Ji Won Lim†, Jaeyoung Jeong, Sang-Jae Lee, Dong-Woo Lee, Taesung Kim*, and Sang Jun Lee*, Development of a highly specific and sensitive cadmium and lead microbial biosensor using synthetic CadC-T7 genetic circuitry, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2016, 79, pp. 701–708. PDF (IF = 6.409)


[40] Qitao Zhou and Taesung Kim*, Review of Microfluidic Approaches for Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering, Sensors and Actuators: B-Chemical, 2016, 227, pp. 504–5142015. PDF (IF = 4.097)


[39] Minseok Kim and Taesung Kim*, Crack-photolithography for Membrane-free Diffusion-based Micro-/Nanofluidic Devices, Anal. Chem., 2015, 87(22), pp. 11215–11223. PDF (IF = 5.635, front cover)


[38] Ji Won Lim, Dogyeong Ha, Jongwan Lee, Sung Kuk Lee, and Taesung Kim*, Review of micro/nanotechnologies for microbial biosensors, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology (special issue on "detection technologies and micro/nano biodevices for medical and biological applications"), doi: 10.3389/fbioe.2015.00061, 2015. PDF


[37] Minseok Kim, Dogyeong Ha, and Taesung Kim*, Cracking-assisted photolithography for mixed-scale patterning and nanofluidic applications, Nature Communications, 2015, 6, Article No. 6247. PDF (IF = 10.745)


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[36] Heon-Ho Jeong, Si Hyung Jin, Byung Jin Lee, Taesung Kim, and Chang-Soo Lee*, Lab Chip, 2015,15, 889-899. PDF (IF = 5.748)

[35] Minseok Kim†, Ji Won Lim†, Hyun Ju Kim, Sung Kuk Lee, Sang Jun Lee*, and Taesung Kim*, Chemostat-like Microfluidic Platform for Highly Sensitive Detection of Heavy Metal Ions Using Microbial, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2015, 65(15), 257-264. PDF (IF = 6.451)



[34] Mingjie Jia and Taesung Kim*, Multi-physics Simulation of Ion Concentration Polarization Induced by A Surface-patterned Nanoporous Membrane in Single Channel Devices, Anal. Chem., 2014, 86(20), 10365–10372. PDF (IF = 5.825)

<If you are interested in simulation results, go to "Research Gallery" by clicking here>

[33] Mingjie Jia and Taesung Kim*, Multiphysics Simulation of Ion Concentration Polarization Induced By Nanoporous Membranes in Dual Channel Devices, Anal. Chem., 2014, 86(15), 7360−7367. PDF (IF = 5.825)

<If you are interested in simulation results, go to "Research Gallery" by clicking here>

[32] Minseok Kim and Taesung Kim*, Aptamer-Functionalized Microtubules for Continuous and Selective Concentration of Target Analytes, Sensors and Actuators: B-Chemicals, 2014, 202, 1229–1236. PDF (IF = 3.840)

[31] Younkwang Nam, Minseok Kim and Taesung Kim*, Pneumatically Controlled Multi-level Microchannel for Separation and Extraction of Microparticles, Sensors and Actuators: B-Chemicals, 2014, 190, 86-92. PDF (IF = 3.840)

<Separation and Extraction of Microparticles such as polystyrene beads and yeast cells in Makgelli>


[30] Younkwang Nam, Minseok Kim and Taesung Kim*,Fabricating a multi-level barrier-integrated microchannel using grey-scale photolithography, J. Micromech. and Microeng., 2013, 23, 105015. PDF

[29] Minseok Kim, Mingjie Jia, Youngmi Kim, and Taesung Kim*, Rapid and Accurate Generation of Various Concentration Gradients Using Polydimethylsiloxane-sealed Hydrogel Devices, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 2014, 16(4), 645-654. PDF

<Linear and nonlinear concentration gradients are rapidly and accurately generated on a chip>

[28] Minseok Kim and Taesung Kim*, Integration of Nanoporous Membranes in Microfluidic Devices: Electrokinetic Bio-sample Pre-concentration, Analyst, 2013, 138, 6007-6015. PDF

[27] Chang Kyu Byun, Hyundoo Hwang, Woon Sun Choi, Toshiyuki Yaguchi, Jiwoon Park, Dasol Kim,Robert J. Mitchell*, Taesung Kim*, Yoon-Kyoung Cho*, and Shuichi Takayama*, Productive Chemical Interaction between a Bacterial Microcolony Couple Is Enhanced by Periodic Relocation, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135(6), 2242–2247. PDF


[26] Minseok Kim, Mingjie Jia and Taesung Kim*, Ion Concentration Polarization in A Single and Open Microchannel Induced by A Surface-patterned Perm-selective Film, Analyst, 2013, 138(5), 1370-1378. PDF

-- This paper was selected as the inside front cover of the issue.


[25] Jae Myung Lee, Jun Hyeong Lee, Taesung Kim* and Sung Kuk Lee*, Light-switchable gene expression system in Escherichia coli, PLOS One, 2013, 8(1): e52382. PDF

< Optobioreactor Ver.1.0 built by ufnmlab 2009 >


[24] Eunpyo Choi, Hyung-kwan Chang, Chae Young Lim, Taesung Kim, and Jungyul Park*, Concentration gradient generation of multiple chemicals using spatially controlled self-assembly of particles in microchannels, Lab Chip, 2012, 12, 3968–3975. PDF

[23] Emerging investigators contributors 2012, Lab Chip, 2012, 12, 3853–3857. PDF


[22] Seongyong Park, Xiaoqiang Hong, Woon Sun Kim and Taesung Kim*, Microfabricated Ratchet Structure Integrated Concentrator Arrays for Synthetic Bacterial Cell-to-Cell Communication Assays, Lab Chip, 2012,12, 3914-3922. PDF

-- Published as part of a themed issue dedicated to "Emerging Investigators - 2012"!

-- Contributed to part of the cover image of Oct. issue -- right below the center image

CoverIssue-Emerging young investigators

[21] Woon Sun Choi, Minseok Kim, Seongyong Park, Sung Kuk Lee and Taesung Kim*, Patterning and Transferring Hydrogel-Encapsulated Bacterial Cells for Quantitative Analysis of Synthetically Engineered Genetic Circuits, Biomaterials, 2012, 33(2), 624-633. PDF


[20] Seongyong Park, Dasol Kim, Robert J. Mitchell, and Taesung Kim*, A Microfluidic Concentrator Array for Quantitative Predation Assays of Predatory Microbes, Lab-on-a-chip, 2011,11(17), 2916-2923. PDF

[19] Parisutham Vinuselvi, Seongyong Park, Minseok Kim, Jung Min Park, Taesung Kim* and Sung Kuk Lee*, Microfluidic Technologies for Synthetic Biology, Int. J. of Mol. Sci., 2011, 12(6), 3576-3593. PDF

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[17] Robert J. Mitchell†, Sung Kuk Lee†, Taesung Kim†, Cheol-Min Ghim*, Microbial Linguistics: Perspectivesand Applications of Microbial Cell-to-Cell Communication, BMB reports, 2011, 44(1), pp. 1~10. PDF

[16] Minseok Kim, Su Hyun Kim, Sung Kuk Lee* and Taesung Kim*, Microfluidic Device for Analyzing Preferential Chemotaxis and Chemoreceptor Sensitivity of Bacterial Cells Toward Carbon Sources, Analyst, 2011, 136 (16), pp. 3238 - 3243. PDF

-- This paper was selected as the front cover of the 16th issue.


[15] Woon Sun Choi, Dokyeong Ha, Seongyong Park, and Taesung Kim*, Synthetic Multi-cellular Cell-to-Cell Communication in Inkjet Printed Bacterial Cell Systems, Biomaterials, 2011, 32(10), 2500-2507. PDF


[14] Minseok Kim and Taesung Kim*, Diffusion-based and long-range concentration gradients of multi-chemicals for bacterial chemotaxis assays, Anal. Chem., 82(22), pp. 9401-9409, 2010. PDF

-- This paper was highlighted as a news article in the American Chemical Society (ACS C&EN)

What A Cell Wants — Chemically Speaking

Microfluidics: A novel microfluidic device probes bacterial movement along chemical gradients.

< >

[13] Toshiyuki Yaguchi, Siseon Lee, Woon Sun Choi, Dasol Kim, Taesung Kim*, Robert J. Mitchell*, and Shuichi Takayama*, Micropatterning Bacterial Suspensions Using Aqueous Two Phase Systems, Analyst, 135(11), pp.2848-52, 2010. PDF

[12] S. Y. Kim†, E. S. Lee†, H. J. Lee†, S. Y. Lee†, S. K. Lee* and T. Kim*, Microfabricated Ratchet Structures for Concentrating and Patterning Motile Bacterial Cells, J. Micromech. Microeng. 20(9), 2010, 095006. PDF

-- This paper was selected as the front cover of the september issue.

jmm20-9-OFC-1 (1).jpg

[11] Y.-K. Cho, H. Shin, S. K. Lee and T. Kim*, Current Application of Micro/Nano-interfaces to Stimulate and Analyze Cellular Responses, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 2010, 38(6), pp. 2056–2067. (invited review). PDF

[10] C.-M. Ghim†, T. Kim†, R. J. Mitchell†, and S. K. Lee*, Synthetic biology for biofuels: building designer microbes from the scratch, Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, 2010, 15, 1:11-21. PDF

[Work done before ufnmlab ~2008]

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This paper was highlighted in Lab chip:

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This paper was highlighted as a news article in the American Chemical Society

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