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Research Fields: Any experiences in the past must be significantly valuable because they give us huge momentum for present and future. We hope the information on these websites helps you catch up on what our lab does/will do.

  • Microfluidics & Nanofluidics: Small Chip but Big World!​

  • Mixed-scale Patterning (micro-/nanofabricatioin): Cracking is Breaking!

  • Multi-physics Simulation: Complex but Visualizable!

  • Mechatronics (automation of micro-/nanofluidic devices): Let's have the robot experiment!

  • Inkjet-printing for micro-/nanofabrication: Make Things Show up!

The long term research vision is to develop micro/nanofluidics and BioMEMS technologies for the following application:

   1) Miniaturized analytical systems (e.g., lab-on-a-chip)

   2) Smart biomedical devices (e.g., bio-sensor, bio-chip)

   3) Multi-functional microfluidic platforms for high-throughput screening (e.g., bio-reactor, cell-chip)

 Click for detail : Research --> Thrust Areas

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