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Technical Seminar

  • Microfabricated ratchet structures for synthetically engineered bacterial cells, Postech, (ME colloquium hosted by Jaesung Park), Nov.24.2012

  • Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Ion Concentration Polarization in a Single Microchannel Induced by Surface-patterned Nafion Film, Chungnam University, (기판학과 - colloquium, hosted by Sangseok Yu), Sep. 09.26.2012.

  • Microfluidic Approaches for Bacterial Cell to Cell Communication Assays, Busan National University Yangsan Hospital, Oct. 12. 2011.

  • Microfabricated Ratchet Structures for Synthetic- and Microbiology, Chemical Engineering, ChungNam University, Sep. 21. 2011 (Invited by Prof. Chang-Soo Lee)

  • Microfluidics for Synthetic Biology, KIMM, May. 15. 2011.

    • Joint workshop with biomimetic Lab (Invited by Dr. Hyuneui Lim).

  • Electrokinetic and nanofluidic concentration of selectively separated biomolecule analytes by microtubules, Dong-A University, Mechanical Engineering, Oct. 1, 2010. (서용권교수님)

  • Micro-/Nanofluidic Engineering: From Biomolecular Motors to Synthetic Microorganisms, KIMM, Nanomechatronics, Nov. 12, 2009.

  • Micro-/Nanofluidic Engineering: From Biomolecular Motors to Synthetic Microorganisms, Sogang University, Sep. 11, 2009.

  • Micro-/Nanofluidic Engineering with Biomolecular Motor and Microtubules, Kumoh Institute of Technology, Sep. 04, 2009.

  • The 1st International symposium on Nano-Biotechnology, "Microfluidic Systems for Fast Standardizing Synthetic Biological Systems", UNIST, Ulsan, Korea, May 26. 2009.

  • BSAC IAB, “Generating Small Molecule Gradients for shear-free cell culture”, Berkeley, CA, USA, 2008.

  • The Microfluidics in Biomedical Sciences Training Program, “Biomolecular Motor and Microtubule for Microfluidic Applications”, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, Jun 7. 2006

  • Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM), "Microfluidic Engineering with biomolecular motors", Daejon, Korea, Nov. 13. 2006

  • Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, "Microfluidic Engineering with biomolecular motors", Suwon, Korea, Nov. 20, 2006.

  • Single Molecule Symposium, “Active Manipulation of Microtubule Translocation with Electric Fields”, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, May 18&19. 2006

  • Microfluidics Interdisciplinary Workshop, “Active Alignment of Microtubules with Electric Fields”, Ann Arbor, MI, USA. 2005

  • The 32nd Midwestern University Fluid Mechanics Retreat (MUFMECH), “Effects of pressure-driven and electrokinetic flow on translocation of microtubules across surfaces by kinesin biomolecular motors”, Bloomington, IN, USA, Feb. 2005

  • Microfluidics Interdisciplinary Workshop, “Molecular sorter powered by Biomolecular Motors”, Ann Arbor, MI, USA. 2004

  • Microfluidics Interdisciplinary Workshop, “µ-PIV”, Ann Arbor, MI, USA 2004

  • KAIST-UM workshop “Microfluidic Engineering with Biomolecular motors”, Ann Arbor, MI, USA 2003.

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