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Photo Album

[Teacher's day]

Thank you professor,

Thank you for endless support and for always being there to help us grow.

Your efforts mean the world to us


24. 05. 15

Pizza Party altogether with ufnmists and TKMS 

23. 09.19

[Farewell Party]

2023 μFNM Graduation Celebration!

Dr. Jungyu Park

23. 02. 23

[Farewell Party]

2022 μFNM Graduation Celebration!

Dr. Juyeol Bae

22. 08. 25

[Teacher's day]

Thank you professor,

Thank you for always leading and teaching us kindly ~ :)


22. 05. 16

[Farewell Party]

2022 μFNM Graduation Celebration!

Dr. Rong hui

22. 05. 04


Dr. Rong hui got Best presentation award!

at Korea MEMS conference

Paper Award

22. 04. 08


Sangjin Seo got Bronze Prize at 28th Samsung Humantech

Paper Award

22. 02. 15

Thank you, Professor

Happy Birthday!

21. 07. 20

[Farewell Party]

2021 μFNM Graduation Celebration!

Youngchul Chae

21. 07. 08

[Farewell Party]

2021 μFNM Graduation Celebration!

Jongwan Lee, Kyunghun Lee, Dong Qi

21. 02. 18


Juyeol Bae got "Best Poster Award" at MRS Fall meeting & Exhibit

Boston, Massachusetts

19. 12. 03


Dogyeong's paper has been pulished in ACS Nano

19. 11. 12

[Farewell Party]

Research Professor​, Qitao Zhou

we had a farewell party for Qitao. Good luck at your new job!

19. 10. 24

[Lab. Tour]

for Undergraduate Students

(Mechanical Engineering)

19. 09. 25

Juyeol's Paper Has Been Published in

Nature Communications

19. 08. 07

Samsung Humantech Paper Award

19. 02. 13

Photo Album (~2018)

2018. November. KSV Conference in Busan & Kyunghun's Best Paper Award

 End of Year Party in Ulsan

18년 12월

MicroTAS 2018 in Taiwan

18년 12월

BRL Workshop at Baenaegol

18년 7월

KMEMS Conference in Jeju & Junkyu's Best Paper Award

18년 4월

Farewell Ceremony for Dr. Qitao and Dr. Ashishi

18년 3월

Congratulation Ph.D Ji Won!

18년 2월

2017 winter after lab meeting

Short but fruitful workshop

- mini-workshop with Prof. J. W. Hong from Hanyang Univ. at UNIST

16년 8월

Group Photo on a day when Dr. Dong-joo leaves!

16년 6월

A group picture

기후변화 워크샵 + 랩 MT @ 배네골

15년 1월

2013 Summer Climate Change Project Workshop and MT

Lab. Dinner Party

13년 7월


12년 8월

2012년 기후변화 Workship

경북 평해: POSTECH - 연수원

12년 7월

In the Lab

12년 3월 27일

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